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Advanced Lineworker TVPPA’s Advanced Lineworker Certificate Training (AdvLC) program builds upon the knowledge gained by Apprentice Lineworker’s during their four year Lineman Apprenticeship Program. This series consists of five phases all three days each and covers topics such as: Protective Grounding, Transformer Fundamentals, Transformer Connections, Substation Operating Equipment, Schematic and One-Line Diagrams, Switching, Procedures, and Troubleshooting, Advanced Transformers. It also covers the basic objectives of distribution system overcurrent protection, Voltage Regulators and Settings, Secondary Voltage Problems, Customer Service, Underground Components, and Cable Preparation.  View
Apprenticeship TVPPA`s apprentice lineman training introduces your apprentice to the basic math, electricity and alternating current fundamental principles that are the groundwork for understanding the ``hows and whys`` of this profession. Students learn the basic tools and equipment used in everyday operations, and applications include stringing and sagging wire; underground distribution systems; transmission and distribution line maintenance; transformer connections; meter applications; substation operations; and phasing and measuring voltage and current.  View
Foreman Academy The Foreman Academy curriculum is designed to provide line crew foremen with knowledge and skills outside the scope of fundamental linework. This will allow them to be more effective leaders and supervisors as well as help them understand the role and responsibilities of their job within the utility. The three-track series will cover topics for the new line-foreman to the experienced line-foreman.  View
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