Course Catalog:  Management/Soft Skills Training  
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Advanced Certified Power Executive (AdvCPE) TVPPA’s Advanced Certified Power Executive (AdvCPE) is designed to build on the skills and knowledge gained in the Certified Power Executive curriculum. Included in this advanced program are formalized professional development, management concepts and business principles. While it is not mandatory for enrollment in these classes; we highly encourgage all participants to first complete the Certified Power Executive (CPE) program before enrolling in the AdvCPE. All course requirements must be satisfactorily completed within four years of starting the program.  View
Certified Customer Service (CCS) In today’s changing business environment, customers demand the best in service from their electric utility. To provide the professional skills and expertise to exceed the expectations of escalating customer requirements, TVPPA developed the CCS curriculum.  View
Certified Human Resources Professional (UHR) This program is designed to provide public utility staff who are responsible for the human resource and personnel development function within their organization with fundamental to advanced level knowledge to efficiently and effectively fulfill their role. The UHR program consists of a core curriculum of nine courses. All of which are specific to and focused on current human resource issues.  View
Certified Power Executive (CPE) TVPPA’s Certified Power Executive (CPE) is a unique program of professional certification specifically designed for management of public power distribution systems. It is designed to provide mid-level and upper-level managers a better understanding of their duties and role in the utility industry.  View
Certified Power Supervisor (CPSv) This curriculum is designed for public power distribution system supervisory personnel. This course of study focuses on how to reduce employee grievances, customer complaints, absenteeism, job-related accidents and turnover.  View
Certified Utility Accountant (CUA) The Certified Utility Accountant (CUA) program is designed to provide public utility accounting staff with the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively and efficiently perform their jobs in the unique utility industry. The CUA program consists of a core curriculum of accounting which range from basic to advanced level classes.  View
Miscellaneous Soft Skills Classes/Electives/Online Training Miscellaneous Soft Skills Classes/Electives/Online Training  View
Utility Purchasing & Material Mgmt. (UPMM) TVPPA`s Utility Purchasing & Material Management curriculum is designed for public power purchasing personnel. This course of study focuses on contracts, quality metrics, work order systems, negotiations, business strategies, and utility case studies.  View
Utility Security Professional (USP) Individuals responsible for securing utility assets in the face of today’s threats must have the professional knowledge and expertise to identify physical exposures and weaknesses and subsequently be able to implement response plans to mitigate the likelihood of internal or external attacks, breaches of security, criminal acts of violence or crimes against utility properties.  View