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Accelerate your career through TVPPA's extensive five-phase program including protective grounding, substation operating, advanced transformer training, system protective devices and pad mounted transformers and switching cabinets among others. Don't wait any longer!  Click to Read More

TVPPA offers a variety of professional certificate programs specifically designed for staff at all levels of your organization. From overall power system managers to key staff such as human resources, customer service and safety coordinators, just to name a few, there's a program just for you! Click to Read More

Apprentice lineman training introduces the beginning apprentice to the basic match, electricity and alternating current fundamental principles that are the groundwork for understanding the "hows and whys" of this profession. Click to Read More

TVPPA's four technical distance learning curriculum covers mathematics, electrial theory and fundamentals of alternating current. Laboratory sessions provide hands-on training to reinforce the material taught in the correspondence units. Click to Read More

OUR GOAL: To develop and deliver nationally recognized education and training opportunities that meet current and future electric utility workforce needs.

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Behavioral Assesssments Available!
For more information, please contact Caleb Hall at or 423-490-7913.

Key Employee Coaching
Personal one-on-one coaching! Contact Caleb Hall at or 423-490-7913.

On-Site Training
The ultimate in convenience and reduces travel costs! For details, contact Caleb Hall at or 423-490-7913.

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